What We Do

We help veterans and their families learn the ins and outs of important college and career decisions. We partner with experts in veterans higher education to find and share the best resources on the web.

How We Help

The college process can be stressful, take time, and require detailed understanding of federal college aid programs. We serve our veterans with content, tools, and resources to help them succeed at every step. 

The resources we share cover topics important to veteran students:


Tuition & GI Bill

Did you know there are four different GI Bills, each with unique requirements and incentives? Which one applies to you and do you qualify? We share GI Bill resources with veterans to reduce the stress around college financing.

Credits for Service

Some colleges offer credit hours for military skills and experience. We share content and tools that help veterans and active service members learn about and capitalize on credit for service programs.


Civilian Careers

For service members transitioning to civilian life, finding the right career may seem a tough task. We help veterans better understand which civilian jobs match their MOS and how to make the transition after service.

Yellow Ribbon

For veterans looking to learn beyond the confines of the Post-9/11 GI Bill, the Yellow Ribbon Program helps to bridge the tuition gap. Find resources and guidebooks that break down Yellow Ribbon benefits and qualifications.

Veterans and Online Learning

Online education and other non-traditional learning modes continue to grow in popularity among the military student community. College success expert Tracy Bowen Bell, who has 18 years experience as a student life skills coach, breaks down how to choose an online school, explains the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Educational Support (DANTES) program, and offers five important tips for student veterans as they enter college.